Profs4U - The IT Managed Service Provider Introducing the Human Cloud

Profs4U the European IT Managed Service Provider are proud to announce the new trend within the IT recruitment arena with the Introduction of the Human Cloud.

We envisage that the next big change for both IT workers and companies is a move toward what we call “The Human cloud” by creating a “cloud” of web-enabled infrastructure.In the same way that high-speed Internet access changed the corporate IT market place. The human cloud is shorthand for how the web will affect the way we work now and in the future. Companies will be able to tap into globally dispersed teams to resource the best talent available in the market regardless of location (or price)

This will completely change our whole outlook of how we work. IT consultants and contractors could have a variety of clients as they will be able to outsource themselves and their skills across endless boundaries and time zones.  This will reduce travel, meaning that many IT workers will be able to work in the comfort of their own home and communicate via Skype, FaceTime etc. This will have a major impact on our way of working in ways we may not fully realize yet

Profs4U are one of the first pioneers to understand the potential of the Human Cloud. We have partnered with FGRS to ensure complete legal & fiscal compliancy. We will be working with Flexentral who have developed a new state of the art portal facility.

If you would like to have more information or would like to discuss in-depth how we can help your company or organization, then please contact us either via our website or telephone +31-(0)-20-7230900.