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The New MSP Model and Why !

Profs4U is the future of IT Managed Services (MSP), specialized in the Information Technology Sector embracing the Human Cloud. Together with our team of experts & IT partners we have the ability to offer our clients a unique balance in achieving their IT related goals cost effectively and to a higher quality. This will allow our clients to focus on their core business.

We are a Pan-European IT Managed Service Provier (MSP) that enables our clients,to hire, not only third party vendors for managed services, projects etc. but also includes the in-sourcing and out-sourcing of the  whole process for recuitment  and contract staffing, all managed via one single point of contact. We ensure that the service we provide runs smoothly, seamlessly, efficiently and cost effectively while ensuring,  at all times, that full compliance is maintained.

Our goal is to be the premier Managed Service Provider for all IT related services across Europe.
Services we can provide include:

  • Managed Services
  • Managed Projects
  • Managed Staffing
  • Bespoke Service Solutions
  • Fixed Price Projects
  • Training
  • Networking
  • Migrations
  • Application Development
  • Tooling
  • Infrastructure
  • In or Out-Sourcing *

* We have access to three data centres in Europe for Out-Sourcing services

Our partner base is growing and we are constantly building business relationships with a carefully selected group of specialist IT companies who can cover all IT related issues.  This select group of companies has a proven track record,  are known to us personally  and are experts in their chosen field.

Why should we change?

Our work ethics are constantly changing and we are seeing a trend in organizations making use of external expertise and/or in some circumstances, outsourcing certain areas of their non-core business. This is particularly apparent in the ever changing IT sector.

Conversely, we are witnessing a trend where some organizations are looking to re-insource these skills.  Therefore, finding the balance is, for many organizations, becoming extremely difficult as, over the past few years, the numbers of HR and Procurement staff have been drastically reduced leaving them, in many cases, short of sector specific knowledge resulting in a reduction in the quality of new hires, both temporary and permanent. This has resulted in many IT projects that have failed to deliver within time and budget and, in some instances, have failed to deliver at all.

Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many IT consultants out of work and on the other hand why there are so many IT vacancies?
For those of us who have spent years in the business it is apparent. The current recruiters or people involved just do not have the necessary IT specific knowledge.
This is already causing some serious issues in organizations looking to hire temporary staff and/or in-/out-source  their IT services.
Both HR and Procurement have insufficient IT sector specific technical knowledge to adequately fill these vacancies or requirements and have in many cases sourced this out to their preferred suppliers / brokers.
Many of the these brokers and some of the preferred suppliers also lack the specific technical knowledge to adequately resource the necessary skills. This has led to a reduction in the quality of new hires and to the failure of many IT related projects. The blind leading the blind.

At Profs4u we  are witnessing some serious issues caused by nontechnical recruiters hiring staff for highly technical IT roles.

This leaves all parties being frustrated by the time wasted and the mismatches that occur.

Let us discuss how we believe we can address this issue for your organization or company to ensure that you are offered the right skills for the projects in hand.

 The Human Cloud

We envisage that the next biggest thing, for both workers and companies, is a move toward what we call “the human cloud.” In the same way that high-speed Internet access disrupted the corporate IT market, creating a “cloud” of web-enabled infrastructure. The human cloud is shorthand for how the web will affect the way we work. Companies will rely on dispersed teams to get the best talent available regardless of location (or price) and many are using crowdsourcing and other innovative means to achieve their goals.

This will completly change our whole outlook of how we work. People and companies who work in this new cloud will have lives that look nothing like they would have even10 years ago. They may have contracts with a variety of clients, outsource themselves and their skills through a third party service like Flexentral or collaborate with co-workers in opposing time zones. The companies they work for, and with, may not even know what they look like, or where they live. This is the reality of the human cloud and it is changing us, and the companies we work for, in ways we may not fully realize yet.