LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®


LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® enables both Linux and Cloud infrastructure to process thousands of mainframe transactions per second, while maintaining enterprise requirements for reliability, availability, serviceability and security. This software solution includes a faithful re-creation of the primary online, batch and database environments, which enables unrivaled compatibility and exceptional performance, dramatically reducing IT costs.

This software solution allows the executable form of legacy customer mainframe programs to operate without changes and without compromising performance in a contemporary and cost-effective computing environment. Additionally, the solution enables mainframe data to be written and read in its native formats. This new environment works without forcing recompilations of COBOL and PL/I application programs or making complex changes to the enterprise business environment.

For more information on how this could help your organization reduce your mainframe costs or help modernize your legacy environment please contact Profs4U:

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More information about LzLabs can be found on www.lzlabs.com, how it's works see here.