Sandler Training

At this moment the Sandler Training is only for consultants working in the Netherlands. If you are an Interim Consultant who works regularly for an agency or software supplier, then you probably go to more job interviews on your own than ever before. By investing in our unique training program we gaurantee that we will be able to assist you when negotiating your terms and conditions and therefore increase your value and increase your chances of securing the assignment.  We understand that Job interviews can be exhausting and if you let your gaurd down for a few seconds then you could lose the assignment and that valuable financial reward. Client’s have much more experience with job interviews and in most instances can explain in detail the job description and how their onboarding process works, but are you sure, that you yourself are asking all the right questions. We believe that in most cases the real value you are going to create during your stay is most likely not discussed. When applying for a job opportunity, we (Sandler Training) in conjunction with Profs4U have developed a training that will help you directly during the Job interview, we call this  “Sell yourself Professionally ”.

Training content:

  • Overcome the stigma of selling
  • To be OK or Not –OK?
  • How to make the client feel Appreciated
  • Can Asking Questions be the Answer
  • The Sandler Selling System (Sub Marine)
  • Your (I)dentity and Your (R)oll (I/R)
  • What you know can hurt you
  • Negative Reverse Selling
  • Who said that  (Transaction Analyses)
  • Client Development
  • The Succes Triangle (Behaviour -Attitude– Technique)
  • Investment: € 350,- excl. VAT
  • Lesson material included
  • Period 5 weeks
  • Time: Once a week at 18.00-20.00 h.
  • Location: Profs4U at Amsterdam

Contact: Dick Swart M: 06 140 266 25

If you need more information please contact us.