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ATC Greece

Athens Technology Center (ATC) is an international software company with active presence for over 27 years in the EU countries (Balkans & Central Europe included), Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Some of the technologies we excel at, are:

  • Web : HTML5 – CSS3 – JavaScript – Bootstrap – Angular – Node.js – Drupal – WordPress- Liferay – Dot Net Nuke
  • Mobile & tablet:  iOS – Android – Windows Phone
  • Cloud computing: Amazon Web Services – Microsoft Azure – Open-Stack – Ubuntu elastic cloud
  • Programming: Java – C# – Objective C, C\C++
  • Databases: Oracle – Microsoft SQL – PostgreSQL – MariaDB – MongoDB
  • Application Servers: IBM WebSphere – GlassFish – JBoss

Whatever your requirements, our experts will help you unlock productivity. We pride ourselves on our ability to extend and optimize the use of IT in a way that fits your organizational culture. Up to now, the company has successfully designed and  implemented innovative solutions for Gaming, Betting, Media, and Banking industries, as well as sophisticated Content Management platforms (web and mobile) for Public & Private actors.

Take a detailed look at the methodologies and the technologies we excel at or the complete list of our services.

Whether you’re working on an experimental step, new business opportunity or one-off project, our highly experienced team is here to consult and fully take charge at every step of the way. You simply provide the specifications and we deliver the sources upon completion.

Are you building a new development center? Looking to outsource a whole process or business? Our team can act as a one-stop-shop and deliver work that blend with your organization – saving you valuable time & resources and maximizing efficiencies.

We can help hire, train and scale a business team to support your organizational goals and projects – minimizing risks and disruption to your day to day business. Upon task completion, resources can be transferred back to you.