Matter of Fact Software

With over 80 years commercial experience of CICS, we produce software that exploits CICS on z/OS to solve real-world business issues.

PlexSpy builds upon CICSPlex SM to provide unique insights into named CICS application infrastructure. It will shorten discovery time when operational incidents arise, reducing time to service recovery. Unlike most other software tools, PlexSpy can be used by less experienced staff, allowing them to more fully engage in support processes

CICS is the server of choice for many business critical applications. Now it can be used to serve web applications too! Modern web applications are more easily created and managed using open source javascript libraries such as JQuery and Dojo Toolkit.

Allowing javascript to run in web browsers can dynamically alter fundamental web browser functions and is a potential security risk. Corporates need complete control over these resources and serving them from CICS on z/OS offers the opportunity to take that control. Our software can serve bespoke content and allows novel new CICS web applications to be built, managed and served.

CICS JS/Server supports several of the more popular open source javascript libraries, including: JQuery; Dojo Toolkit; YUI Library; MooTools and Prototype.

We also offer consultancy services. If you need independent help with CICS, contact us.