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Availability Intelligence for your Application Infrastructure

Your company has extensive business continuity measures in place, because down time is expensive and hurts the business. However, performance issues and configuration errors in your SAN or z/OS environment can still bring down applications just like a real outage.

It is natural to think that those incidents are unpredictable. But, with IntelliMagic solutions, incidents become predictable because the software intelligently detects underlying problems and risks, before any symptoms are visible on the surface.  

IntelliMagic software applies embedded expert knowledge about the IT infrastructure. This will improve IT operations in many ways:

· Prevention of issues that previously seemed unpredictable
· Dramatically reduced Mean Time to Resolution for truly unpredictable incidents
· Root cause analysis and trending using a rich repository of detailed, interpreted data
· Fewer service disruptions, less firefighting, increased productivity and better customer service
· Automatic analysis highlights tangible potential for optimization
· Empowering IT staff to deliver a high level of application service reliability 

Some of the world’s largest corporations rely daily on IntelliMagic to detect risks before issues can impact production, and to find the root causes that endanger the availability of their enterprise systems and storage.
Contact us for a customized demonstration using your own data, to see what IntelliMagic can do for your infrastructure.