InCase Training

Education Management

Assesses the initial depth of the training  investment – makes a strategy and produces a plan. Assistance in the enrolment process as well as supporting the plan with training requirement gathering and standard HR education support.

Education Strategy / Plan

InCase has specialists with over twenty years of experience in the establishment of educational strategies for large organisations. Assistance is provided in determining the nature and style of education best suited to an organisation and how to gain the most benefit from an education budget. The nature of a company’s business may influence the style and speed of response required for education delivery. At InCase we can help develop the complete strategy for education and the manner in which it should be delivered.

Training Needs Assessment

Our professional Training Needs Assessment process is designed in such a way that it will provide assessment across an organisation. It can be carried out for an individual, a project team or a whole sector of the organisation. The Training Needs Assessment process will form an intrinsic part of the way in which education is provided and will ensure that all training is appropriate to the individual and the needs of the organisation. Well executed Training Needs Assessment has the additional benefit of improving staff retention and loyalty as staff see the investment the company is prepared to make in improving their skills and personal development. Training Needs Assessment will look at the development of the whole person not just their IT related requirements. Training Needs Assessment will save the customer money.

Training Requirement Gathering

Certain educational requirements will be identified quickly by a project team/individual as an immediate need. It is essential within the customer that all requirements are centrally co-ordinated to ensure that the most appropriate education can be provided. Having a central co-ordination team provides a key role, which can oversee all the educational needs ensuring that the right education is booked at the right price. This central group will be aware of the course schedules available, the customised training that may be being planned or the tailored courses already developed for the customer. This knowledge can quickly provide the requestor with the appropriate course and timescales.

InCase will ensure that the processes to provide such co-ordination are put in place.

HR Education Support

InCase understands the role that the HR department must play in educational provision across a large organisation. InCase can provide support consultancy to the HR team to assist them in carrying out their demanding role.

Train The Trainer Programmes

If the customer requires their own staff to be able to deliver certain courses InCase have a very successful ‘Train the Trainer’ programme which will walk a trainer/consultant through a particular course and ensure that they fully understand how the course must be delivered and how the practical exercises are managed.

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