Find the best talent for the job

FleXentral is an enterprise contingent workforce system that allows enterprises to find, match, negotiate and transact flexible work. At the same time allowing enterprises to manage budgets and compliance status of the entire flexible workforce.

FleXentral is end to end unique approach from search to trasact FleXworkand get a stunning simple view on how your company is doing against budget and compliance status. Meet us, try us, live us, FleXentral @ www.flexentral.com

Try FleXentral, our complete end-to-end platform takes care of the following:

      • Registration
        • As a FleXworker you can simply login with your LinkedIn credentials.
      • Find & Match 
        • Profile your flexjob / project, add competences, location & availability you need and FleXentral will match your request with a shortlist of best matches.
      • Negotiate
        • Once found, you can online negotiate on the terms of the engagement (time, money, secondary’s).
      • Transact
        • Once you agree with your candidate, the terms of the negotiation will digitally be signed and the basis on future hours or fixed amount you agreed on.
      • Compliance
        • FleXentral will give instant insight in the compliance status of all FleXworkers the organization is running through FleXentral.
      • Budget Reporting
        • Same goes for budget reporting, burnrate, break down charts, FleXentral provides quality reporting across your organization.

For more details on FleXentral please visit our website www.flexentral.com