is a Managed Payroll and Compliancy Provider (MPC) embracing the Human Cloud specializing in the Information Technology, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceutical sectors. Together with our team of experts we will ensure that your company and the consultants you employ on a temporary basis are fully compliant with the ever changing employment and legal regulations whilst in the Netherlands. Our services include payroll, compliancy, legal, fiscal, work permits, etc and contract adminstration.

FGRS - www.fgrs.eu

FGRS has the only 100% Fully Approved Legal & Fiscal Government Solution for Independent Consultants !


 If your organization is looking for a partner to assist you with your administration or you would like to ensure that you and your hired consultants are fully compliant and aware of all the recent labour leasing law changes in the Netherlands, then please contact us.

FGRS will ensure that your company and the consultants you employ on a temporary basis are fully compliant with the ever changing  employment and fiscal and legal regulations in the Netherlands.  It was apparent that companies, agencies and contractors  were receiving conflicting advice from various sources regarding the legal and fiscal regulations.  European and local Dutch legislation is constantly changing and this is an extremely daunting proposition for many when relocating or coming to the Netherlands on a temporary basis. 

Our bespoke services will allow your businesses to run efficiently & cost effectively whilst knowing that you are in the safest of hands. FGRS has the extra added value &  advantage that each and everybody who is involved within our organization has a sector specific background. We have a wealth of experience spanning over 40 years. We truly understand all the related components & environments surrounding the whole of the contingent workforce.