is a Pan-European IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) embracing the Human Cloud specializing in the Information Technology Sector. Together with our team of experts and niche IT partners we have the ability to offer our clients a unique balance of quality and efficiency, enabling them to reduce costs whilst achieving their IT-related goals.


[Profs4U in the Netherlands has been nominated as one of the 3  finalists for the company of the year award 2017/18 in the city of Amstelveen. Amstelveen is where the International Headquarters of Profs4U is based. There are more than 9000 companies operating in Amstelveen. Watch the video about our nomination!]

We currently operate in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Portugal.

Our European Headquarters is based near Amsterdam.
We have a wealth of IT sector specific knowledge and expertise spanning over 40 years.
Our organization and partners are extremely proficient in all areas of IT.
We have the largest pool of IT technical specialists in Europe.
We ensure full compliance within  each country.
The majority of our technical specialists and partners have extensive experience in their specific fields of expertise and all have passed  our screening and vetting procedures.


With the introduction of the Human Cloud and the growth of our partner programs, our goal is not only to improve our client's IT environment but to manage an organization's IT workforce.
We have the capacity  and experience to manage the supply chain on behalf of our clients and to scope and manage entire IT projects. 
Our practices result in:

  • Shorter time to market.
  • Significant cost savings.
  • Improved return on investment.
  • Unparallelled visibility on IT spend. 
  • Total fiscal and legal compliance.
  • Increasing efficiency.

Profs4U is the Future of Managed Services. Profs4U provides quality bespoke IT solutions. Profs4U will always match and, in most cases,  exceed customer expectations by:

  • Being flexible.
  • Cost effective.
  • Efficient.

If you are an organization that is looking for a partner who can provide full IT Managed Services, Consultancy, Staffing, In-sourcing, Out-souring or IT Professionals then Profs4U is your perfect partner.


The Profs4U Definition of the Human Cloud

The current definition of the human cloud is based on a type of workforce where tasks or projects, not jobs, are performed remotely and on demand by people who are not employees but independent workers.

Our definition is slightly different regarding the IT sector. We combine IT service companies (alliances) that have a proven track record in a specialist area within IT, together with specialist IT consultants.

By combining both, we are able to offer our clients the possibility of running their projects, systems and applications , either in house, in the cloud, insourced or outsourced or any combination thereof, all under the careful management of Profs4U MSP Services.


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